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Suci Encourages Kemendikbudristek’s Inbound PMM Program to Continue

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Inbound Student Exchange (PMM) is encouraged to continue. The program was first implemented in 2021. The Rector of UPGRIS, Dr. Sri Suciati MHum, assessed that the implementation of PMM aims to strengthen national insight, integrity, and solidarity for participating students. “This second PMM implementation can be followed entirely offline. […]

PMM UPGRIS Students Plant Mangroves

Students participating in Kemendikbudristek’s Inbound Student Exchange program planted 5,000 mangrove trees at Mangunharjo North Beach, Tugu, Semarang City, Saturday, January 7, 2023. The students come from 33 universities throughout Indonesia and are now attending temporary lectures at Universitas PGRI Semarang (UPGRIS) for one semester. UPGRIS Rector, Dr. Sri Suciati MHum assessed that this planting […]

PBSI UPGRIS Students Sounding Climate Issues through Drama Scripts

The issue of climate change has been highlighted by various circles in the international realm, both by environmental activists, and filmmakers, to academic circles. In Indonesia, this issue still needs to be encouraged so that it continues to receive attention from the public. Students should be involved in environmental campaigns so that they have attention […]

Competing at National Pomnas and National Championships, UPGRIS Students Win 4 Medals

Universitas PGRI Semarang (UPGRIS) gave awards and appreciation to a number of outstanding students at the 2022 National Student Sports Week (Pomnas) and the 2022 Student Amateur Boxing National Championship, Chancellor’s Cup, Jakarta State University (UNJ). The award was given directly by the Rector of UPGRIS Dr. Sri Suciati MHum accompanied by Deputy Chancellor III, […]

A Study on the Relationship of Culture and Education as an Effort to Respond to the Change of Time

The culture of a nation is inseparable from the society education process. In this educational process, ideas produced will later form a noble culture. “Culture and education must operate in an interdialectic bound, both must grow in continuity,” said the dean of Faculty Social Sciences and Sports Education, Dr. Agus Sutono, M.Phil on November, 23 […]