New Officials Have to Work Hard

The Key Performance Indicators of a university will accelerate the campus to achieve its vision, especially regarding the accreditation of the institution. These indicators include student achievement, the Tridarma of higher education, and the quality of lecturers’ research and service.

“The university’s vision must be clear. For example, how many graduating students have decent jobs in the context of students? The number of students who continue their studies to alumni who have independent businesses,” said the Rector when inaugurating structural officials at UPGRIS, Friday 31 March 2023.

The Rector stated that his party targets UPGRIS to be able to obtain superior accreditation in 2026. For this reason, the learning methods used must be visionary and up-to-date.

“We also advised the newly appointed officials to be enthusiastic in their work,” he said. The Rector ensured that the institution would provide full facilities to pursue the accreditation.

During the event, the Rector officially inaugurated approximately 134 structural officials. She also hoped that the inaugurated structural officials would be ready to carry out the mandate and be able to complete their duties with full responsibility.