UPGRIS 73rd Graduation: Rector Reminds That Academic Achievement Alone Is Not Enough

UPGRIS conducted the 73rd graduation ceremony for 745 students at the UPGRIS Campus Hall, on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022. The graduates were from various levels of education, namely the undergraduate, graduate, and Teacher Professional Education (PPG).

On this occasion, the Rector of UPGRIS Dr. Sri Suciati M.Hum stated that academic achievement alone is not enough as a provision for students to face the world of work.

“The students are considered to need to equip themselves with other competences or soft skills,” the Rector explained.

In addition, the campus encourages the career development for alumnis by establishing alumni network. UPGRIS is forming an institution named the Universitas PGRI Semarang Career Development Center.

“We invite graduates to continue establish network, including with the alma mater. So, we are currently building a network of UPGRIS alumni as a sign of our love,” the Rector said.

In terms of campus development, It is projected that a number of study programs will achieve excellent accreditation. The acceleration step is part of the university’s efforts to obtain an institutional/university excellent predicate.

A number of study programs that will be encouraged to achieve this accreditation are Biology Education, English Language Education, Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Economic Education and Physical Education Study Program.

“As for the Biology Education Study Program, it has actually already A-accredited. in regard to the adjustment to the new regulations, it’s just a matter of conversion to excellent-accredited.” she explained.
Previously, three UPGRIS study programs obtained the predicate as excellent-accredited from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Education (LAMDik). These three study programs are the Guidance and Counseling, the Pancasila and Citizenship Education, and the ECD Teacher Education Study Program.