PMM UPGRIS Students Plant Mangroves

Students participating in Kemendikbudristek’s Inbound Student Exchange program planted 5,000 mangrove trees at Mangunharjo North Beach, Tugu, Semarang City, Saturday, January 7, 2023.

The students come from 33 universities throughout Indonesia and are now attending temporary lectures at Universitas PGRI Semarang (UPGRIS) for one semester.

UPGRIS Rector, Dr. Sri Suciati MHum assessed that this planting was the highlight of a series of social contribution activities of PMM Inbound students. Previously, a similar action was carried out on the land of Mardi Utomo Tembalang Social Center.

“For the future, every time we have an important moment at UPGRIS, we want to mark it by planting trees. This tree planting is very inspirational because it can really slow down abrasion,” said the rector at the planting location.

Suci said that tree planting is also a form of contribution from her party to preserve nature. The benefits are expected to continue to be felt until the next generations.

The Rector assessed that one of the most positive things from the implementation of PMM Inbound was the presence of the Nusantara Module. Participants are given the opportunity to recognize various arts and cultures at tourist destinations where the students study.

“On average, they have never been to Java, so they were very enthusiastic when participating in the Nusantara Module, one of which was visiting tourist attractions. Students feel a sense of togetherness in the midst of diverse cultural backgrounds,” she explained.

Previously, UPGRIS Inbound PMM Coordinator, Dr. Wiyaka M.Pd explained, the forms of activities in the PMM program included diversity, inspiration, and reflection, including social contributions. The selected theme in this social contribution activity was Greening and Planting Rare Trees for Nature Preservation.

“Students are invited to hone their sensitivity to a problem. While studying at UPGRIS, besides lectures, they have learned diversity related to community customs, cultural and religious diversity, food, arts, and so on,” he said.