Suci Encourages Kemendikbudristek’s Inbound PMM Program to Continue

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Inbound Student Exchange (PMM) is encouraged to continue. The program was first implemented in 2021.

The Rector of UPGRIS, Dr. Sri Suciati MHum, assessed that the implementation of PMM aims to strengthen national insight, integrity, and solidarity for participating students.

“This second PMM implementation can be followed entirely offline. Whereas in the first year, some participants participated online,” Suciati said after opening the Nusantara Art Performance and Farewell of UPGRIS Inbound PMM Students in the campus hall, Thursday, January 19, 2023.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, UPGRIS received 117 PMM students from various universities in the country. They attended temporary lectures at UPGRIS offline for one semester.

This program also includes the Nusantara Module. Through this module, participating students are introduced to a variety of cultures, including tourist destinations where they study.

“PMM must be continued, because the impacts are massive, and it shows that Indonesia is vast. We hope that there will be more students coming from outside Java than from Java. So, students need to get more motivation,” said the Rector.

Suci assessed that overall the implementation of PMM was going well. It’s just that in some places, especially outside Java, the implementation of the program is considered not optimal.

One of the reasons is the delay in the budget from the ministry that should have been received by participating students. On the other hand, not all implementing universities are willing to provide bailout funds.

“Despite deficiencies related to budget delays, this program deserves to be supported and continued. This will provide experience and sharpen the sense of Indonesians for the students involved,” she said.

The performance themed “Merawat Bumi, Bhineka Lestari” was a farewell event for students participating in PMM. They are scheduled to return to their places of origin at the end of January 2023.