UPGRIS Held Halal Bihalal

The activity of forgiving each other during Eid al-Fitr is a very good tradition to preserve. By forgiving, we can love and care for each other. If we cannot forgive each other, our lives will be in a never-ending cycle of hatred.

This was said by the Rector of Universitas PGRI Semarang (UPGRIS), Dr. Sri Suciati, M.Hum, in her speech at the Halal Bihalal event of UPGRIS Big Family held at Balairung, UPGRIS Campus, Friday (28/4/2023).

She said the harmonious relationship could be a good asset to improve performance within the academic community.

“Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful gifts for ourselves. Because by forgiving, we can build a sense of peace in each of our hearts. With a sense of peace, the body and soul will be healthy as a very good capital for our performance at PGRI Semarang University,” said Sri Suciati.

After fasting during the month of Ramadan, there are many lessons that Muslims can learn. The month of Ramadan teaches us to be more grateful.

“The first lesson is to have gratitude to God Almighty. The second lesson that I really absorbed during Ramadan is to have a sense of handarbeni with a sense of sincerity and loyalty to God Almighty,” she explains.

In addition, the month of Ramadan can foster each individual’s integrity. “This integrity can be shown in our work, seen or not seen by the leadership, we still carry out our duties and obligations as employees of PGRI Semarang University well,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of YPLP PT PGRI Semarang, Dr. Bunyamin, M.Pd., said that the theme of the event “Halal Bihalal is Achieving Blessings by Forgiving” was very interesting. He said that by forgiving, it means that we have realized our mistakes.

“So that we are much more energized, today we must be able to forgive each other. I am personally the same, if there are shortcomings and mistakes, I apologize,” he said.